Our Projects

Awareness Camps

Shyam Shiksha Evam Samaj Kalyan Samiti organizes awareness camps for the inhabitants of nearby areas. As a welfare society and trust, we focus on developing human and health welfare through making awareness programs and seminars. We arrange general awareness camps and meetings to help people understand the benefits of health and family welfare, the effects of poor sanitation and ill-health, etc. Besides that, we organize special camps for girls and women to make aware of poor sanitation, anemia, child marriage, and early pregnancy.

Rural Development

Rural areas of Madhya Pradesh need development in agriculture, health, and education; our organization helps in rural development. We surveyed the areas and found that people are illiterate, unaware of the basic facilities of health, education and human rights. Problems like poor sanitation, poor hygiene, dirty water, and poor health are seen everywhere. We arrange health camps where people get free health checkups, free vaccinations, etc. arrange educational camps and empower women and youth to choose other career options. We also provide information about scientific agriculture and husbandry helping people in developing their agricultural and economic status.

Educational Program

The members have observed a high level of illiteracy and arranged educational programs daily. These programs have had huge success in the areas of Dulahara and after observing the rate of success we took the initiative to distribute books free of cost among the participants of the program. The participants are also benefited from other things largely and the parents also become motivated to send their kids in these programs. We are now collecting funds to support poor children to go to school/madrasa.

Social Welfare Program

Social welfare programs arranged by our samiti every year to help the people of rural areas to fight with their problems. People in remote and rural areas of India are suffering from poverty even today. If they want a good lifestyle they need money which is almost impossible to earn in those areas. We run various programs and workshops regarding this issue. In our country, the climate is always hot and humid; in summer we distribute pure and cold drinking water in roads and streets. We plant trees by the sides of the roads to get shelters and provide relief for the passing people of the road. In winter, we distribute free blankets and sweaters to the poor and needy children.